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Rug Fisk - blue & white

Image of Rug Fisk - blue & white

A hand-woven reversible rug in 100% cotton.
I designed this rug in a very traditional Scandinavian technique called varprips (warp rep in English), but have given it a modern spin through the use of bold contrasts and minimalist shaping. Due to the way the rug has been woven and finished it is completely reversible, giving you a blue and a white side to choose from.

The name of this particular design is Fisk - pronounced with a short i - which is Swedish for fish. It is part of the Hem collection (hem is Swedish for home) and is inspired by my immediate surroundings. In this case, the fish in the lake I can see from my studio.

All rugs in this design are 70cm wide.
Please contact me if you would like a wider version or a different length to those I have available.

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